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Wi-Fi Controlled Sprinklers Can Make Your Lawn Healthier

If you were to ask somebody “What’s the most common reason for dry or dying grass?” most would probably guess that it’s either a faulty or inadequate sprinkler system that isn’t giving a lawn the water that it needs to survive. It’s the most obvious reason, but it’s not necessarily the correct one. The primary reason lawns go brown is actually owner negligence.

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When Should I Turn My Sprinklers Back on?

When the first day of spring hits, the most popular question we get is, “when should I turn my sprinklers back on?” Most people, especially us impatient residents of Long Island, call looking for a simple answer like, “the first day of spring,” or “April 1st,” or “the first day of the year where it hits 60 degrees,” but it just isn’t that simple.

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Guide to Selecting the Best Sprinkler

There is only one answer to this question. You should contact the irrigation specialists at Irrigation Solutions to consult you about the best way in which to water your lawn and plants.

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Long Island sprinkler system contractors

There are many sprinkler system installers in Long Island. Irrigation Solutions is an owner-operated organization that offers the finest sprinkler technicians available. They are considered professional and prompt; committed to quality in their service.

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Rotor or Spray Sprinklers: Which is Better?

Rotors work best for large areas (over 50 ft) without a lot of complicated lawn area shapes. The only time they work well in smaller yards is in unobstructed rectangular areas that happen to measure at an even multiple of the radius distance

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