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Irrigation Solutions installs, repairs and maintains lawn sprinkler systems for Hamptons and Suffolk residents, businesses and professionals that desire:

How did Irrigation Solutions become leaders in the field of lawn sprinkler irrigation systems? Well it began with a man named Joseph Sganga, who had been in the business for himself since 1994 always attempting to deliver the highest of quality in the industry. He had the heart, and he had the vision of putting together the best team to install and service in-ground sprinkler systems in Southampton and East Hampton and neighboring Suffolk towns on the East End of Long Island, New York.

Then Irrigation Solutions came to be. Started in 1999 with the mission of providing the best quality and service in the sprinkler industry, the company was founded with skilled licensed and insured contractors with over 50 years of combined experience installing and maintaining irrigation systems. For immediate sprinkler repair service please call us at: (631) 205-5700 or email us.

Best Quality In-Ground Sprinkler Systems

We pride ourselves on our unmatched professional service and using only the best quality sprinkler heads, rotary heads, valves, controllers and other sophisticated top-of-the-line in-ground sprinkler system products. We service all sprinkler systems and offer all irrigation services – no job is too big or too small. We provide the efficient irrigation system essential to keeping your property investment safe. Your landscape and lawn require proper watering to stay healthy. Through Irrigation Solutions’ proper in-ground commercial sprinkler system installation your landscape will always look its best. A well designed, properly installed system will save you both time and money.

We Can Service, Install and Renovate Any Lawn Sprinkler System

Drip Line, Micro Irrigation, Tennis Courts, Flower Pot Systems, Planting and Shrub Beds and Lawn, Turf and Grass Sprinkler Systems are all within our area of expertise. We are an established and well-respected company with 12 trucks servicing the Hamptons and other parts of eastern Long Island every day so we can handle all service calls immediately. You will never have a 2-week wait time to get something fixed! We will get there faster than any other company.

Irrigation Solutions was featured in an interview in the New York Times article: “Sprinkler Systems: Watering Made Easy”

About | Irrigation Solutions
Sprinkler System Maintenance

We offer emergency service.

Our business is all about irrigation and we employ only the most capable and experienced people skilled at in-ground sprinkler installation, maintenance and repair. We do sprinkler systems and we do it well. For emergency sprinkler repair service please call us at: (631) 205-5700 or email us.

Irrigation Solutions Customer Service Goal

Our goal is to install sprinkler systems that do not break or leak. To us, it is a waste of both your time and ours to install a system that requires frequent service calls. We have years of experience in servicing our systems, commercial sprinkler systems, other contractors systems, as well as homeowner installed systems. Our experience has shown patterns in service requirements. The most common service calls are for valves that either leak or no longer operate, and broken sprinkler heads. By far the leading systems requiring frequent service are systems installed by homeowners utilizing products purchased at Home Depot or Lowes. The Hunter, Rainbird and Toro Product lines sold at Home Depot are economy class. These product lines are inferior to contractor grade products made by the same companies, and are very inferior to the high-end contractor grade products used by Irrigation Solutions. A valve that leaks or does not shut off wastes water, and can significantly add to your water bill. Many water leaks are more expensive than the money saved by purchasing an inferior sprinkler system.
About | Irrigation Solutions
About | Irrigation Solutions

Enjoy the benefits of a lawn sprinkler system installed by Irrigation Solutions:

  • Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • Built to Last. Our systems will keep your lawn and garden in top shape for years to come.
  • Each System is specially designed for your landscape. Our experienced technicians design each system to suit your specific landscape. Your lawn is kept neat and tidy throughout construction. Our cleanup is the best – no sunken trenches and no unsightly humps.
  • You get trouble free performance. We use the highest quality, professional grade irrigation equipment.
  • We give you maximum flexibility. You may select from all major brands. We offer rain, wind and temperature sensors.
  • You will receive a full orientation. Your sales representative will provide complete instructions for operating your lawn sprinkler system.
  • We provide full service. We are ready to serve you before, during, and after your system is installed.

No other system matches the reliability, attention to detail, and ease of use that Irrigation Solutions provides for your lawn. Buy with confidence. The personnel at Irrigation Solutions have over 50 years of experience. We know what works.

Commercial Sprinkler & Irrigation Systems

Everyone knows a good first impression is the key to a lasting professional relationship. Irrigation Solutions Sprinkler Systems specializes in helping you make a great first impression. Professionally manicured and maintained grounds can make your company stand out as the jewel of your community as well as providing customers with a great impression of your business before they even step through the door. Our professional irrigation designers will customize a state-of-the art system for your property that will efficiently provide water to the plant material–a real asset with today’s environmental concerns. One of our skilled crews will then install your system with modern installation techniques that have virtually eliminated the damage to your existing landscape. Whatever the goals are for your homeowners’ association, commercial, or institutional property, Irrigation Solutions would like to be an active partner in achieving them. Irrigation Solutions is the only company you need for your watering needs, we have over 50 years of experience, we know what works. We are fully insured for property and workman’s compensation. If you are looking for the best quality in the industry, you have found the right Long Island lawn sprinkler company.
About | Irrigation Solutions

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About | Irrigation Solutions

    About | Irrigation Solutions

    Irrigation Solutions is a certified irrigation contractor and proud members of the Better Business Bureau. We are licensed irrigation contractors servicing and installing sprinkler systems in Long Island, New York.

    Suffolk County License #38320-RP
    Southampton License #L001427
    East Hampton License #7279