The Best Time to Install Sprinklers Is the Fall

When you’re getting in your car and your first thought is to turn the heat on, the last thing you’re probably thinking is “hey, I should really install some sprinklers for my lawn.”
Sprinkler System Maintenance

When you’re getting in your car and your first thought is to turn the heat on, the last thing you’re probably thinking is “hey, I should really install some sprinklers for my lawn.”

But if you’re not thinking about it now, you’re in for a rude awakening come springtime. You probably won’t notice your grass getting a little dry until it’s too late.

And like we all do every year, you won’t notice the temperature changes until that one day you go in your car and realize that the air conditioning might do some good.

Believe it or not, the best time to actually get a sprinkler installation is the fall. There’s no “worst” time to do it, but if you want to not have any worries about your lawn come springtime, it could be beneficial to invest in a new irrigation system right now.

In the fall, most people aren’t thinking about the way their lawns look, or even the appearance of their neighbors’ lawns since we all have an unspoken agreement that leaves and cold air are going to make them look not-so-good until the spring.

Let’s be honest, installing an expansive watering system in your lawn that’s 90 percent underground pipes isn’t going to be the most visually impressive sight for people driving by your home.

Why not get it out of the way during a period of time where nobody is going to care about how unsightly your lawn looks during the installation period?

And if you don’t care about aesthetics, autumn weather is ideal for installing a new irrigation system.

Your soil is going to be at an ideal temperature. When it’s hot and dry during the summer, you’ll do more damage to your lawn trying to do an installation.

The damage to your lawn won’t be long term, but it’s just another annoyance to add to the burden of working in the summer heat.

When it’s frozen during the winter, digging to get pipes in the ground isn’t much of an option, either.

Not to mention, it won’t be raining all that much in the fall and it (hopefully) won’t be snowing, which are the best conditions to install.

But let’s be honest, this is all secondary to what you care about most: cost.

As are the ways of the profit-aligned world, sprinkler-part manufacturers raise their prices in the late winter and very early spring in anticipation of a busy summer season.

By setting up an installation in the fall, you can avoid this surge pricing.

It’s also important to consider how many lawn irrigation companies are going to be getting work in the spring and summer. Since it’s their busiest season, there could very well be a chance that the company that best meets your price range might just be too busy to install sprinklers for your property.

By hiring them in the off season, it’s much more likely you’ll be able to find the right time that can do an installation on your time and budget constraints.

The best part? As soon as the spring comes, your brand new sprinkler system will be ready to go!



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