Sprinkler Opening in the Spring

Sprinkler Opening

The last winter chill is easing, and you can feel spring starting to warm your garden. It’s finally time to transform your garden for summer with sprinkler opening services. The Irrigation Solutions team is here to help you develop a lush, green summer lawn… give us a call today!

Our Process Sprinkler System Opening in the Spring

We Remove All the Weatherproofing from the Above-Ground Parts

To prepare for winter, Irrigation Solutions service technicians cover any parts of the lawn sprinklers above the ground with foam and insulation tape. During sprinkler opening, we remove all of it.

We Identify the Main Shutoff Valve

This valve is likely to be in the basement or crawl space. You’ll notice a large water pipe that supplies the entire house. This shutoff valve is not the same as the one for your irrigation system.

In some cases, homeowners have a shutoff valve just outside the door. It may be in a large pipe or a ground box below ground.

If we cannot find the main shutoff, we will switch the water to the home off. As the process for sprinkler opening and sprinkler activation is quick, it won’t inconvenience you.

We Find the Vacuum Breaker

This device is usually near the house above the ground. It contains two pipes, each with its own shutoff valve. It also has two valves that look like screw heads. We use a flathead screwdriver to turn these slightly to control the flow of air into the valve.

We Open the Shutoff Valve

Next, Irrigation Solutions staff open both of the shut-off valves. Setting these at a right angle controls whether or not the pipes are ready for summer or winter. These should be parallel to the line during sprinkler opening rather than at a right angle.

We Reinstall the Main Valve Bleeder Cap

Depending on the type of irrigation system, we may need to replace the cap on the bleeder valve. This cap prevents the water from bleeding out after the sprinkler system opening in the spring.

We Open the Main Valve

The next step in our sprinkler activation process is to go back to the main valve and open it. How far we turn the handle depends on where the valve is. You needn’t worry about it; we’ll handle everything when we turn on the water.

Run a Manual Test of Your Irrigation System

Now’s the time to see if everything is running correctly. We set the control panel to manual and run the system zone-by-zone. During this stage of sprinkler opening, we check the position of the heads in your lawn and garden.

We also check your lawn to see how evenly the system distributes water. If we notice any water supply or water pressure problems, we isolate those irrigation zones and diagnose the cause.

Check the Valves Before Automatic Sprinkler Activation

Our service technicians run one final check over all the valves before we continue. Here we are looking for leaks and other issues that may potentially show up when we restore pressure to the system.

Perform the Final Tweaks for Your Lawn Sprinklers

Now we fine-tune your system, working out any kinks. We replace any damaged heads as necessary and adjust the spray pattern. We recommend that you water the garden during the day for the first time. This allows you to see that everything is working as it should before reverting to your regular schedule.

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