Why Use a Professional for Sprinkler System Maintenance?

Sprinkler System Maintenance

Proper sprinkler system maintenance keeps your lawn or fire sprinkler system in top condition. However, maintaining these systems is easier said than done. They are complex, and one wrong move can lead to expensive repairs.

The experienced Irrigation Solutions team has the skills to properly maintain your fire sprinkler system and other irrigation systems. Our affordable packages include one-time checks and scheduled system maintenance at set intervals. You may, for example, choose a regularly scheduled monthly inspection to benefit from the best rates.

We’ll handle issues such as sprinkler repair, clogged sprinkler heads, and flushing the system. Reach out today for dependable sprinkler system maintenance.

What Are the Benefits of Professional System Maintenance?

There are several benefits to hiring someone to maintain your lawn sprinklers or irrigation system.

Better Efficiency

Scale builds up inside the tubing, and if you leave it in place, it will partially block the water supply. You’ll notice that your irrigation system takes longer to do the same job and that there is a drop in water pressure. Sprinkler system maintenance improves efficiency.

Lower Water Bills

Leaking nozzles, breaks in the pipes, and faulty timers increase your water bill unnecessarily. A restricted water supply may also lead to waste, as you may not water expensive plants deeply enough.

Better Safety

Mosquitoes, mold, and other nasty organisms thrive with an abundant source of moisture. Bacteria may also cause the water to become hazardous to the environment. If a leak leads to a soggy lawn, the water-logged area might become a haven for pests.

Lower Liability Risk

If you own a commercial property, regular fire sprinkler maintenance is crucial. It’s too late to learn about low-pressure issues or leaks when the building is ablaze. Negligence in this area could lead to expensive lawsuits or possibly criminal charges.

By correctly maintaining your fire suppression system, you show your tenants that you care about their safety while protecting your investment.

Improved Longevity

One of the best reasons to take sprinkler system maintenance seriously is that it extends the useful lifespan of your irrigation unit.

A Great Looking Garden and Lawn

When your sprinklers are in optimal condition, they spread the water evenly, and your grass and plants get enough moisture to stay lush and green.

How We Clean Your Irrigation System

We recommend cleaning your lawn sprinklers thoroughly twice a year. Call us in the fall and early spring as part of your sprinkler system maintenance schedule.

Our Process for Cleaning Your Clogged Sprinkler Head Lawn Sprinklers and Filter

During regular maintenance, we’ll:

  • We pull the sprinkler tip out and clamp it in the open position.
  • We then remove the top and take out the filter.
  • Cleaning this filter thoroughly is vital as clogging impedes water flow.
  • We re-install the filter and then check the rest of the tubing for issues.
  • Finally, we flush the entire system.

Should You Fix a Clogged Sprinkler Head?

Fixing a clogged sprinkler head is simple enough in theory but tricky in practice. If you’re not careful when removing the head, you could break vital components that you may not be able to replace. When that happens, you’ll need a new irrigation system.

Leave the grubby task to our professionals during your scheduled sprinkler system maintenance.

What Are the Signs of Damage for Lawn Sprinklers?

Signs to look out for include:

  • Little to no water flow
  • Visible cracking or holes in the casing
  • A broken nozzle
  • Low water pressure
  • Water that sprays wildly
  • Pooling water
  • Swampy grass
  • Erosion

Speak to the Experts in Sprinkler Repair

Save money today by calling Irrigation Solutions and scheduling your sprinkler system maintenance service. Reach out to us at (601) 205-5700 or complete our contact form.


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