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Winterization Is Proper Lawn Sprinkler Maintenance

Anybody who lives on Long Island knows how fast the temperature seems to drop during that sweet spot in late September to early October. Since it’s about to start hitting that point where water freezes, any leftover water in an irrigation system’s pipes is going to freeze over if not taken care of.

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How to Find a Reputable Irrigation Contractor

Once upon a time a homeowner wanted an irrigation system installed so he hired a irrigation contractor to install one. After the contractor finished the installation and was paid for the work, the homeowner found that the system didn’t work and called the contractor.

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Long Island sprinkler system contractors

There are many sprinkler system installers in Long Island. Irrigation Solutions is an owner-operated organization that offers the finest sprinkler technicians available. They are considered professional and prompt; committed to quality in their service.

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Preparing Your Sprinkler System for Spring

It’s important to have your irrigation system activated in the spring to ensure that your sprinkler system is working properly when the warm weather arrives. Our irrigation experts will turn the water on at the tap or well, examine the system fully, and adjust the heads as needed.

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Professionally Installed Sprinkler System

There are many reasons to invest in a professionally installed sprinkler system. These include the performance and value that you will receive, lower water bills with your landscape living longer and healthier, using less water, and the amount of time you will save because the sprinkler system will do the watering for you

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Rotor or Spray Sprinklers: Which is Better?

Rotors work best for large areas (over 50 ft) without a lot of complicated lawn area shapes. The only time they work well in smaller yards is in unobstructed rectangular areas that happen to measure at an even multiple of the radius distance

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